Universities in Netherlands for International Students

If you have intentions about studying in Netherlands as a international student then you are in the right place. Here I will help you with regard to Universities in Netherlands for international students. So why you should choose Netherlands as an international student.

1-Happy Life

You always feel good vibes in Netherlands. I think there are some main reasons for this fact. First of all cities are small and not crowded. Also city planning is perfect. Therefore there is no traffic and pollution. I was shocked when I first came to Maastricht since you could almost go to everywhere by walking or by bike. Second, green spaces are abundant in cities and for example I could go to woods within 10 minutes from my apartment. Also spring and fall is great in Netherlands. When spring comes everywhere is full of blooming flowers and dızzy scent.

The most important factor is work life balance. Generally working hours in Netherlands are super humanist. Mostly people work 4 days per week and It is very rare to work overtime. Therefore they can have more time with their family.

On the other hand people are generally helpful when you needed an help. When I was doing my research project company owners were very enthusiastic to help me in my project.

Also dutch society is more egalitarian than most of the countries due to the high taxes. Therefore there is not so much difference between the rich and poor people. Because government helps poor people through subsidies.

Last but not least  the environment conscience is very high in Dutch society.

2- The Abundance of the English programs

There are a lot of english programs in Netherlands. Even some universities like Twente University declared that english is their official language in the university. So you can easily find a program in your field ıf you prefer studying in Netherlands.

Wick-Maastricht-My neigbourhood..

3-Highly Ranked Universities

Netherlands has really foremost  universities ranking in the very  high positions of ranking lists.  Some universities like  Erasmus University ranks in the top 50 university of the world. (QS) So If you have a career plan in the business, finance/ management field it would be very sensible to go to Erasmus. Also   Amsterdam Business School-Amsterdam University, Maastricht University  and MSM Maastricht School of Management are other alternatives to go for management study.  I studied MBA in MSM in 2017-2018.  It is  one of  foremost  schools of Netherlands  focusing on sustainability and digitalization with quality and dedicated professors.  Besides, professors are very helpful during your final project. What i liked most was the extraordinary help of my advisor during my final project.  This is very significant to be able to defend your final project.

Last but not least network is very crucial in finding a job afterwards graduation as I learned in MSM  and some universities have strong connections with companies. For example MSM has partnerships with  important companies in Limburg region. This really helps you to find a job after graduation.

4-English Profociency Rate

Dutch ranks first in the world in terms of English proficiency rate. https://www.iamexpat.nl/expat-info/dutch-expat-news/dutch-lead-world-2016-english-proficiency-ranking. Literally, everybody can speak English. I was shocked when i encountered fluently speaking Doctors, cleaners, taxi drivers and supermarket employees. Therefore you feel as if you are living in an English spoken country. Amsterdam municipality recognizes English as an official language and it is mandatory to speak English for civil servants working in municipality in case people prefer to speak English.

5-Orientation Year

The best part of studying in Netherlands is orientation year. Because orientation year will allow Non-EU nationals to live and work in the Netherlands without a work permit for a year. So you can find a job during orientation year. Also this is the best chance for you to become a citizen of Netherlands. If you work for five years then you get the permanent resident permit.

Which city can you choose to Study


The first city to come to mind is Amsterdam when someone is considering to move to Netherlands. Yes, Amsterdam is the most touristic and known city and everyone may prefer to study in a university in Amsterdam. However, Amsterdam has some drawbacks as it has positive sides. I think first problem is the cost of renting a apartment  or a room as the supply of apartments are lower than demand. Second the city is overcrowded due to the mass tourists.Third as old buildings are common in Amsterdam it is more likely to have a pest problem in your apartment. So it is wiser to think about other cities to study. There are also other international and nice cities in Netherlands. Hague, Utrecht and Maastricht can be also be  considered as cities to study. 

I lived in maastricht and I really enjoyed living in there. It has nearly 120.000 inhabitants and it is a lovely small city. You can go to almost anyplace of the city twith your bike. Besides, It has a very lovely historic town center where you can enjoy your drink against historic buildings dating back to medieval times. Maastricht also has a lot of green places and maasriver as well. Get on your bike and you are in the countryside within 15 minutes.  I like travelling and knowing different cultures. Maastricht has helped me a lot in satisfying those needs. Because it is literally in the hearth of the Europe. One weeekend you can go to Dusseldorf or Cologne within 1,5 hour, the other weekend you can go to Paris within 2,5 hours. Of course you can go to Amsterdam within 2,5 hours whenever you want. Also you can fly to Spain or Italy from Eindhoven airport which is 1 hour to Maastricht. Haque is  my other favorite city also. İt has an amazing beach called `schveningen` and it is very ınternatıonal as well.

Old town-Maastricht

Negative side of Studying In Netherlands…….

Accommodation problem

This is the negative side of living and studying in Netherlands. I must admit that I was a little bit surprised when I learned the costs of renting. I was glad  and lucky to be able to rent a small studio  apartment which I was paying 1050 euro per month. On the other hand it is very hard and challenging to find a place to stay. Some of my classmates could not find a place to stay for a while.  Also, the attitude of the estate agents were very annoying and rude.  So you have to be very swift in order to find a place. You should come to Netherlands earlier than the normal schedule. Some months are also more convenient to search for an accommodation since students complete their studies. July and January are more convenient months for searching apartments. If you come in the July you can easily find a room or an apartment. Lastly you can rent through student hotels which is very clean and provide quality service to the students.

Tips for reducing the costs of studying

Living costs are higher than its neighboring countries in Netherlands. But you can reduce the costs by some strategies. You can first apply to the rent subsidies for reducing your rent. There are some conditions for this and you can ask it to me in the comments section of my article. You can get 300 euro for your rent. Besides if you arrive earlier than schedule it is more likely to find a cheaper place to rent.

For transportation you can use a bike and so you will eliminate the ticket costs. Normally in Netherlands it is costly to travel from one city to another but again if you travel as a group it is very cheap.  I travelled through group tickets and it cost me 10 euro per day to go to Amsyterdam an come back. I suggest you subscribe to facebook groups to buy group tickets.


There are some scholarships to choose from to (partly) cover your study costs. Fırst you can apply to a scholarship which is called Holland Scholarship` offered by Dutch Government. Hollanda scholarship is especially for international students. because you should be outside of the European Union. The scholarship amounts to € 5,000.

If you aim to study masters in the field of finance, IT, economics, data management and economics and you are from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain or Turkey you can benefit from NN Future Matters Scholarship.

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